DSA - DACSS Basics: Assigning Preparer Functions

This page gives an overview of the Distributed Administrative Computing Security System (DACSS) that you will be using as a Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) to maintain the access level of the users in your department. It was provided by UCLA Audit & Advisory Services.

The CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) of a unit is responsible for identifying which individuals will have inquiry access to the applications systems:

  • Preparers: those individuals who will be updating the systems.
  • Reviewers: those responsible for reviewing the updates/transactions for each specific online application.

The DSA is responsible for the input (into the DACSS system) of the Inquiry/Preparer/Reviewers as delineated by the CAO. A backup DSA should also be designated in the event of the primary DSA’s absence.

Note: The DSA is able to input all reviewer functions. However, the DSA is not able to input all inquiry/preparer functions. Adding new functions updates overnight. Modifying current functions will update same day.

See the UCLA Financial Policy for further clarification on CAO, DSA, Preparer & Reviewer functions.

Preparer or Inquiry Functions

Each Preparer function is specifically related to a mainframe application as indicated below. Each DSA can only input functions that are within their authority. For example, a department’s DSA may have less input authority than a DSA at an organizational level. PPS preparers and reviewers must complete formal training before being set up in the DACSS tables. Italics indicate Value-Based Functions, i.e., functions to which access is or can be limited by some value parameter such as department code, fund and account.

To obtain access to functions not assignable by DSAs, a SAR must be submitted to IT Services. The request is routed to the department that authorizes the function you are requesting. IT Services will assign the function once approval has been granted.

Note: PPS preparers and reviewers must complete formal training before being set up in the DACSS tables.