IT Resources @ UCLA

Find IT-related resources around campus such as computer labs and support desks.

The College

Undergraduate Education IT[email protected], (310) 206-4525

Humanities Division

Humanities: [email protected], (310) 206-1414

Humanities Learning Spaces 

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Instructional Computing Lab

Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics (MIMG): [email protected], (310) 206-8121

Orville L. Chapman Science Learning Center (SLC)

Psychology[email protected], (310) 794-9327

Physical Sciences

Astronomy & Astrophysics Computing

Atmospheric and Ocieanic Sciences: [email protected]; (310) 825-2418

Chemistry and Biochemistry: [email protected]

Earth and Space Sciences: [email protected]

Mathematics: [email protected]

Mathematics Program in Computing

Physics and Astronomy Helpdesk: [email protected]

Statistics Tech Support: [email protected]

Social Sciences

Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Digital Lab

Social Sciences Computing

Professional Schools

Arts and Architecture

Architecture and Urban Design: [email protected]

Design Media Arts Instructional Labs

School of Arts[email protected]

Education and Information Studies

Graduate School of Education & Informational Studies (GSEIS)[email protected], (310) 825-1911

IS Lab

Engineering (Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Science)

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Laboratory

Cybernetics Facilities

Department of Computer Science Department Computing Facility[email protected]

School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Computing Facility[email protected], (310) 206-6864

School of Law

School of Law: [email protected], (310) 825-4689

School of Law Computer Lab

School of Public Affairs (Luskin)

School of Public Affairs[email protected], (310) 206-6767

Theater, Film and Television

New Media Lab

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Anderson Help Desk[email protected]

The Library & Research

Library: [email protected], (310) 825-7557

California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI): [email protected] 

The Campus Library Instructional Computing Commons (CLICC) Laptops & Services

The UCLA Library Computers & Computing Services

Campus Help Desk Contacts

Access Services: [email protected]; (310) 825-7552

ASUCLA: [email protected]; (310) 206-1071

Athletics: [email protected]; (310) 206-2000BruinBill/Student Accounts: [email protected]; (310) 825-9194

BruinBuy: [email protected]; (310) 794-6013 (helpdesk), (310) 794-0197 (PAC help), (310) 794-6026 (vendors)

Budget & Planning Office: (310) 267-5370

Capital Programs: [email protected], (310) 206-5315

CASHNET: [email protected], (310) 825-2181

CBig: (310) 794-5210

Center for the Advancement of Teaching: [email protected]

Chancellor's Office[email protected], (310) 825-7552

CNSI: [email protected]

Corporate Finance: (310) 794-2602

Cyberpay (CASHNET): [email protected], (310) 794-5333

DSA/DACCS (Corporate Finance): (310) 794-8738

Effort Reporting System (ERS): [email protected], (310) 794-2842

Enterprise Messaging: (310) 794-5678

Facilities: [email protected], (310) 206-1033

Geffen Academy: [email protected], (310) 794-9916

Housing & Hospitality: [email protected], (310) 794-4444

Institute for Amerian Cultures[email protected], (310) 825-7552

Information Technology Services: [email protected] (310) 267-HELP (4357)

Institution for Digital Research and Education (IDRE): [email protected]

Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics (IPAM): [email protected]

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES): [email protected]

International Institute: [email protected]

Lab School: [email protected], (310) 825-1801

MyUCLA: [email protected], (310) 206-4525

NOC (IT Services): [email protected], (310) 206-5345

Office of Information Technology (OIT): [email protected], (310) 825-6635

Payroll Hotline: (310) 794-8752

Purchasing: Computer Products

Software Central

Student Affairs IT

Student Technology Center (Residential Halls Network)

UCLA Store (Computer Store)

UCLA Health

David Geffen School of Medicine IT (DGIT)

Dentistry Help Desk[email protected], (310) 825-2081

School of Nursing IT[email protected], (310) 267-2666

UCLA Health IT[email protected], (310) 267-CARE (2273)