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Ransomware Alert In Southern California
Please be aware of a new ransomware circulating in Southern California.  JBoss installations should be at an appropriate patch level.
DROWN Attack - TLS Attack via SSLv2
DROWN attack is a new critical vulnerability that affects HTTP and services that rely on SSL and TLS.
Critical glibc Flaw Puts Linux Machines and Apps at Risk (Patch Immediately)

A highly critical vulnerability found in the GNU C Library (glibc) has been announced that affects most Linux distributions, leaving thousands of apps and electronic devices vulnerable to hackers that can take full control over them.

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IT Resources

UCLA Knowledgebase
IT questions asked and answered by the UCLA IT community.
Your one-stop shop for online IT training resources.
The central hub for information, questions, and sharing about the UCLA IT Strategic Plan the governance process for moving the plan forward.
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