Accounts & Access

Enterprise Data Warehouse (QDB)

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a central repository of institutional data for reporting and analytics.

The EDW includes a managed reporting environment through the use of Cognos, a business intelligence application. It also includes the Query Database (QDB), an Operational Data Store (ODS).


  • Provides managed reporting environment through Cognos, incorporating data from finance, payroll & HR (UCPath), budget, and research administration (RNet).
  • QDB provides access to data for daily downloading and reporting.
  • The UCLA ODS stores the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) data used by UCPath.
  • The data dictionary contains detailed information on the data elements from institutional sources.
  • The data models illustrates how data is related to each other and how it is processed and stored inside the systems.

Getting Started

Contact your Departmental Security Adminstrator (DSA) to request access to the EDW. You will need to have a QDB Logon ID.