Change QDB Password

Go to the QDB Change Password tool

A QDB Logon ID provides UCLA faculty and staff access to historical administrative data that can be used locally for analysis, business insights, and reports. Specifically, the logon provides access to:

  • Query DataBase (QDB)
  • Campus Data Warehouse(CDW) using Cognos Query Studio
  • UCLA Financial Web and OFSR
  • Strategic Budgeting
  • Online SAR/DSA Inquiry

Periodic password changes are recommended to keep your QDB Logon account as secure as possible. The QDB Change Password tool is available to QDB Logon account holders to assist in this effort.

As a security measure, five invalid logon attempts will cause a QDB account to be locked, blocking any further logon attempts. Some software tools are set up to automatically retry connecting to a data source. This can sometimes cause an account to be locked as a result. If you suspect your QDB account is locked or you don't remember your QDB password, please contact IT Services Client Support at (310) 825-8000 for assistance in resetting your QDB account or password.

To use the QDB Change Password tool to change your password:

  • You must be on a UC network (on-campus or via VPN)
  • Your QDB account cannot be locked
  • You must know your current QDB password

Go to the QDB Change Password tool