How to Order Phone Services

Order one of the three feature packages below and indicate the class of service you would like programmed on each telephone line. (Class of service options include campus dialing only, USA/Domestic or International dialing.)

Basic Line

Basic Line Features: dial tone line, station-to-station dialing across the entire UCLA telephone network.

Basic Line with Voicemail

Basic Line Features with voicemail: dial tone line, station-to-station dialing across the entire UCLA telephone network, call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID standard blocking and last number redial. Voicemail features call forward/don’t answer, call forward/busy and message waiting indicator.


Multi-Line Set Features, for EBS: In addition to Package Level A or B features: Speed calling short list (10 numbers), group intercom, name display and auto dial.

Class of Service Options

Class of Service (COS) determines the access privileges and dialing range assigned to a telephone line and can help control telephone abuse. Calls can be restricted to campus dialing only,  or the United States/Domestic. Calling access can also be allowed international/worldwide. COS options can be applied to a telephone line or to an authorization code (no charge).

COS Options

  • International (includes Mexico and Canada) - COS02
  • USA, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean - COS04
  • Campus only (unrestricted incoming/campus restricted outgoing calls) - COS11

Ordering via the IT Services Web Center

The IT Services Web Center, which replaces the online TSR form, enables customers to order IT Services products and services, schedule audio conferences, request changes to billing, such as FAU and bill name changes, and order directories and white page listings. Please read our Web Center Help Guide for more information.

Contact Information

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