Updated On October 31, 2019 - 9:54am – 2 mins

Announcing the IT Support Center

IT Services is pleased to announce the IT Support Center, which focuses the efforts of support teams within ITS to present a common, easy-to-use interface for the UCLA community to get help from ITS. Our new "front door" is the portal site, available at https://ucla.service-now.com/support.

You'll find our knowledge base articles and services easier to search, with clear opportunities to open a ticket and find details about a particular service. We also now provide the "My Stuff" option to show customers their tickets in order to provide easier access to track progress.

Finally, we are focusing on one primary email ([email protected]) and one primary phone number (310)-267-HELP (4357) to provide additional clarity. While October 31 represents the launch of the portal site, the IT Support Center will continue to develop and refine operations and update communications and web sites to meet customer needs. Please help us prioritize these updates by using the Feedback button on the right side of the portal page.

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