A Unit of Application Services

Financial System

The Financial System (FS) maintains the official financial book of record for the UCLA campus, UCOP (UC Office of the President), and UC Merced. Since its inception in 1981 the system has under gone a number of revisions and enhancements. FS is now a set of applications that reside on the mainframe and web.

The Financial System is comprised of the following core services:

UCLA Chart of Accounts and Funds is maintained by central offices and utilized by every financial application on campus. It uses a 32 character accounting unit in conjunction with a four level organizational hierarchy to accommodate reporting and summarizing of financial activity at various levels and by a variety of categories.

FS General Ledger provides batch transaction posting and reporting. Transactions from over thirty different sources are brought together into one database and made available to campus departments and to the Corporate Financial System at the UC Office of the President. In addition the system provides a full range of standard production reports including a Detail General Ledger (FS0100), and various summary reports, subsidiary ledgers, control reports, edit reports, transaction registers and campus mailing information.

Permanent Budget System maintains and loads next year’s budget for the campus.

UCLA Business Systems Menu provides a single sign-on for several financial applications:


Web ApplicationDescription
Online Financial Systems ReportsWeb Reporting provides a variety of General Ledger and Chart of Accounts and Funds reports that allowed drill downs and excel downloads
Web Key Entry

Web Key Entry provides a web-based interface for users to enter in a variety of transactions in the form of journals.

At this time the following journals can be entered via the web:

  • Financial Journal
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Non-Payroll Expenditure Adjustment
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Encumbrance Voucher
  • Memo-Lien Voucher
  • Interdepartmental/Intercampus Recharge
Recharge Order RequestRecharge Order Request allows users to request goods and services within the Campus that will be recharged.
Budget Error CorrectionBudget Error Correction allows for the correction of budget data.
Consolidated Gift Fund ManagementConsolidated Gift Fund Management brings together gift information from UCOP, UCLA Foundation and UCLA Corporate Finance to provide a comprehensive view of gift status.
Chancellorial CommitmentChancellorial Commitment allows the Office of Academic Planning and Budget to track chancellorial commitments.
Post Authorization Notification System (PAN)Post Authorization Notification System (PAN) is used to send notifications to the reviewers of financial transactions (from the preparers) that an update has occurred and to send additional notifications to other interested parties.