Creating a Departmental Account

Here are the steps you need to take to set up a departmental account to access

Please note: Requests for a departmental account should come from the head IT person or the Business Unit of that department.

Required Information

First off, we will need the following information:

  1. Admin Contact: name and email address of the person who has budgetary responsibility for your dept.
  2. Technical Contact: name and email address of the head of the IT Unit supporting this department.
  3. Help Desk Contact: name and email address of the person or group that provides day-to-day support.

Set up a Box Administrator Account Email

Set up a working email address for your Box Administrator Account following this naming convention: [email protected][department]


Create a Nonhuman Logon ID

After you have a working email account, go to: and create a nonhuman UCLA Logon ID (id: bx[dept]) and set your own password.

  • Make sure to choose: "I do not have a UCLA Identification Number and I am NONE OF THE ABOVE" option.
  • Your UCLA Logon ID MUST start with “bx” followed by your department.

Acceptable Logon IDs:

  • bxits (Information Technology Services)
  • bxoid (Office of Instructional Development)
  • bxlibrary (Library)

NOT Valid Logon IDs:

  • bxforlibrary (“for” not needed)
  • boxlibrary (“box” should be “bx”)
  • bxinlibararyUCLA (“in” not needed)

Email the Box Admin

Send an email to [email protected] confirming that you have done the above steps, and send all the necessary information and UCLA Logon ID (see below for required information). We will coordinate with the IAMUCLA team to pass the right affiliations for the new UCLA Logon ID so that you can sign into this nonhuman account using Shibboleth. Finally, we will set up a meeting to go over best practices for setting up your departmental account.

Required information to send to [email protected].

For you convenience, please copy and paste the information below in an email and complete the form. Then send the following information to [email protected]:

1. Your department:

2. Admin Contact

3. Technical Contact

4. Help Desk Contact

5. Working email address for nonhuman account: [email protected]

6. UCLA Logon ID: bx

7. Name fields from the account:
First Name: Admin
Last Name which is your department:

8. Email: