Updated On December 1, 2020 - 8:29am

macOS Big Sur Not Presently Compatible with SentinelOne/Sophos Endpoint Protection

Update: March 4, 2021

Sophos – Please visit the macOS Big Sur Now Supported by Sophos news article for more information.

Update: January 1, 2021

Sophos – Sophos is presently looking at a mid-February to end of March release for Big Sur compatibility. 

Sentinel One – Please visit the macOS Big Sur Now Supported by SentinelOne news article for more information.

Update: December, 1, 2020 

Sophos – Currently Sophos is still not compatible with Big Sur. Sophos is working on developing a version for Big Sur and plan to begin testing this week. At this time, they are estimating a release target around December 23. 

Sentinel One – Currently Sentinel One is still not compatible with Big Sur. Sentinel One is in Early Access (EA) 2 of testing, which is being viewed as the likely release candidate. They also estimate a release target within the next few weeks.


With the imminent release of macOS Big Sur, Apple has decided to remove support for Kernel-Extensions (“kext”), which is a game changer for any application that uses it, including but not limited to security software, VPN clients, etc. This message is intended to proactively inform system administrators regarding this change to prevent unintended system failures/issues related to users that may upgrade to this new OS immediately upon release.

Because of this fundamental change, the agent software for both Sophos Endpoint Protection and SentinelOne--which presently depend on kernel extensions--will not work with macOS Big Sur. Both of these vendors will release a newer agent version that must be installed on the endpoint before the operating system is upgraded.

All users of the current macOS Catalina operating system should be advised to not upgrade their operating system on their devices to Big Sur until the system administrator can push out a newer, compatible agent that will work properly with the new operating system. When this newer agent is made available, we will send out a subsequent announcement. The expected release date for the agents is within a few days of the general release of the new operating system since Apple tends to make additional changes up until their GA release date.

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