COVID-19 Scams: Phishing, Malware and Ransomware…

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Campus IT Security will be providing relevant information and recommendations in order to assist users during the current COVID-19 crisis to ensure users have the necessary information they need to operate their work and home devices securely.

During the COVID-19 crisis the industry and in particular educational institutions have become targets of numerous cyber-attacks. Phishing attempts exploiting user’s curiosity for up-to-date and new information have been on the rise.

Information about the most recent scams relevant to our UCLA Campus on our Phish Bowl, How to Report a Phish, and Tips on How to Protect Yourself From Being Phished on the Phishing Scams webpage. For additional information on recent cybersecurity news and current events check out The CyberSafe Bruin Blog. For additional information on recent cybersecurity news and current events check out The CyberSafe Bruin Blog.

10/19/20Spear-phishing using fraudulent requests for interviews related to COVID researchAs we focus on research around COVID-19, cybercriminals are focused on targeting researchers. Read our recommendations to protect yourself.
7/21/20Malicious Activity Targeting COVID-19 Research, Vaccine DevelopmentA malicious cyber actor is using a variety of tools and techniques to target organizations involved in COVID-19 research and vaccine development.
7/13/20Scammers Exploit California’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing ProgramOfficials are warning that scammers are exploiting California’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing program - The program that health workers use to call everyone who came in close contact with a COVID-19 patient.
5/22/20Employment Termination Results from COVID-19 DownsizingCyber criminals are targeting teleworking employees with fraudulent termination phishing emails and VTC meeting invites, citing COVID-19 as the reason.
3/22/20Microsoft RCE Vulnerabilities Affecting Windows, Windows ServerMicrosoft has released a security advisory to address remote code execution vulnerabilities in Adobe Type Manager Library affecting all currently supported versions of Windows and Windows Server operating systems.
3/18/20Cyber Threats Most Likely to Impact the Healthcare and Public Health SectorRansomware is a type of malicious software (malware) designed to extort money from victims by restricting access to a computer, mobile device, or digital files.
3/14/20Malicious Website Pretending to be the Live Map for Coronavirus-19 Global Cases by John Hopkins UniversityThere has been a circulation of malicious websites pretending to be credible sources for more information on the Coronavirus-19
3/14/20Rise of COVID-19 Scams & Attacks Against Unsuspecting Targets Worldwide

Threat actors are using COVID-19-themed phishing emails to serve malware and phish landing pages