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How to use Slack

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Slack is one of the tools that enables UCLA’s digital campus — a collaboration hub that enables real-time communications and connections in a searchable platform for real-time messaging, content sharing, learning, and more.

Login at to get started. 




Logging in

Login at to get started. 

For more details on signing up for Slack, please see How do I sign in to Slack at UCLA?


New to Slack?

If you’re new to Slack and want a quick overview, start here!


Download Slack for Desktop or Mobile

We recommend downloading and using the Slack Desktop app and/or Slack Mobile app as they both have multiple benefits over using the browser-based version of Slack.

Use one of the links below to download the Slack application for your preferred platform and/or device:


Getting Started with Slack

The following resources will help you get up and running with Slack.


View the following UCLA Slack Enterprise Grid YouTube playlist for videos on the following Slack topics:

  • What is Slack?
  • Get Up and Running with Slack
  • Find and Start Conversations in Slack
  • Collaborate Effectively in Slack Channels
  • Advanced: Collaborate Effectively in Slack Channels
  • Slack Notifications and Status

Update your profile

Ensure your profile information is up to date, and upload a profile picture of yourself using the links below:


Need help?

For more help with Slack, check out the links below:

If you have questions about our Slack workspace, send an e-mail to [email protected] and somebody will assist you.

You can also post in the #slack-help or #slack-feedback  channels to get help and feedback from the UCLA community.