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Training Services

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For UCLA Administrative & Technical Teams

We work primarily with technical teams to develop software-related training. We also partner with administrative teams that don’t have dedicated trainers or course developers to design solutions that streamline their training process.

With our consultation and development services, you can:

  • Decide what training types work best for your business objectives
  • Design online courses that streamline instructor-led training/classroom training
  • Produce short videos on products, processes or services
  • Structure and write training documentation for your user guides

Request a Consultation to discuss your next project, or email us at for more information.

Training Use Cases and Features

We select training approaches that best suit the needs of our faculty, students and staff, while aligning with business objectives.

Read more about our development times, features, and use cases for the production of our three most popular training content types.

Development Time: 40+ hours

- Text and graphics only
- Distribute as PDFs
- User can view online or download offline version
- Easy to update

Use Cases
- Handouts for classroom sessions
- Job-aids, print-outs or viewable PDFs
- Instructions for standalone procedures and reference information
- Collections of related step-by-step procedures and reference material
- End-user documentation, FAQ

Development Time: 100+ hours

- Can include interactive elements: attachments, animations, narrated slides, quizzes, videos
- Completions may be recorded in LMS automatically for reporting & training transcripts
- Currently only available to UCLA employees; a web-based, non-trackable version is developed for contractors

Use Cases
- Compliance-driven or stable content
- Knowledge checks
- Large audiences across locations, or exclusive audiences based on job functions
- Tracking completions prior to application access
Development Time: 60+ hours


- Include animations, screen captures
- Embed in an online course or a content management system
- Host in YouTube as standalone or in playlist
- Publish as public or unlisted to limit access
- Trackable by total views, average time; not trackable by individual

Use Cases
- Demonstrating software tools, explaining processes and procedures
- Providing an overview of an application, initiative, or service
- Relatively stable content
- Short product demos, introductory topics