Basic Voice Price List

Voice, data and video product and service rates are subject to change. For specific rates, contact IT Services Billing Services.


Labor includes charges for service connection: adds, changes (including those made in switching equipment, often referred to as software changes), installations, and moves. There is a one-hour minimum labor charge for a field visit by a IT Services Technician. Certain charges may be applied in quarter-hour increments.


  • Local, ZUM, Intrastate, Interstate and are included in the cost of a dial tone.
  • International long-distance calls (to countries outside the United States including foreign territories in the Caribbean). See international rate sheet.

Conference Calls

Three-Way Calling

Provides the ability to establish a three-way conference call, consult privately with either party, or transfer the call to another campus number. Rate: No Charge.

Meet-Me Conference Service

Meet-Me Conference service allows four to 30 parties from different locations to dial in to a pre-arranged UCLA conference call number. Audio-only conference calling remains free-of-charge to both faculty and staff. Outside participants pay their own carrier fees.

On Demand/On Demand International (Toll Free)

Up to 300 participants on a single call. No reservation required. Local and toll-free dial in for international participants. Rates: Call MMCONF at x53333.

IT Services Billing Services
Phone: (310) 825-8000