Storage & Backup

Storage Services

Our storage offering includes high performance and highly available multi-tiered solutions.

Storage services are available to clients who are located in the MSA Data Center and limited storage services are available for external clients. For more information on the data center, please see our fact sheet.


Tier 1
Hybrid (NEW!)


RAID (Triple Parity)

High I/O applications, such as database and video streaming

Tier 2
High performance

FC 10K/15 RPM


High I/O applications, such as database and video streaming

Standard performance

FC Disk 10K/15K RPM


Applications that require some performance

Tier 4
Economy performance

SATA Disk 7200 RPM

RAID 5/6

Web servers, low traffic

File-Based (ISILON)
Economy performance, two copies of your
data replicated from local (UCLA) to remote copy (UC Berkeley). NO backup of this data is performed. Data snapshots are available and are used to retain a 30 day retention period.

SATA Disk 7200 RPM


Data files, archival, repositories, large files, etc.


Please see our complete rate sheet and virtual server configurator tool.

Storage ServicesNotesMonthly
Block Storage (per GB)
-Hybrid (SSD)RAID (Triple Parity)Contact Us
-High PerformanceFC 10K/15 RPM (RAID 10)$0.33
-StandardFC 10K/15 RPM (RAID 5)$0.09
-EconomySATA 7200 RPM (RAID 5/6)$0.08
File Storage (per GB)File Storage (per GB)$0.09

Getting Started

Please email [email protected] or call (310) 825-7299 if you have further questions.