Storage & Backup

Data Backup & Recovery

Data retention and system restore for servers within the IT Services virtual environment.

Data Backup and Recovery services provide backup, replication and on-demand recovery for all virtual infrastructure customers, providing complete application and data protection.

  • Enhanced protection utilizing a fully redundant off-site replication facility.
  • Recovery service on an as-needed basis.
  • Daily/weekly backup reports.


Backup Operation and Coverage

  • Standard incremental backup: 1 full and 6 incremental rotations per week
  • On-demand or ad-hoc backup is available via Service Desk request (charges may apply)
  • Backup jobs monitored daily via email alerts and backup system logs
  • Included with virtual server offerings
  • Available to colocation customers
  • Offsite replication to UC Berkeley

Backup Media Management and Retention Policy

Backup data is kept for 28 days; longer retention plans can be individualized as needed and may incur additional charges.

Data and System Recovery

  • Data restore requests will be serviced within 24 hours
  • Virtual services system restore will be serviced within 12 hours

System restore request for stand-alone servers at the data center provided on a “best effort” basis.


Please see our complete rate sheet and virtual server configurator tool.

Data Protection ServicesNotesMonthly
Data Backup - on premisesPer GB$0.09
Data Backup - disaster recoveryPer GB$0.09

Getting Started

Please email [email protected] or call (310) 825-7299 if you have further questions.