Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

Evenly distributing incoming calls

Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) evenly distributes incoming calls among a group of telephone numbers, queues calls and provide announcements while callers wait for staff assistance.

Agents within the department can log in to the Uniform Call Distribution group by pressing an assigned key or dialing an access code on their telephone. The UCD routes calls only to agents who are logged in and assigns the next incoming call to the agent who has been idle the longest. This service is generally used for customer service centers; order departments, help desks, or anywhere a large volume of calls to a single number needs to be distributed among a group of available agents.
 If the queue is full, calls can be routed to an alternate telephone number or voicemail.   UCD Group reports are emailed daily to departmental contacts.




Customer Benefits
• Uniformly distributes calls to members of the UCD group that are logged into the system
• Provides standard and customizable messages for callers in queue
• UCD feature is assigned to individual telephone numbers - no hardware required


Not available for ECS (subscribe to Verizon CentraNet UCD instead)