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Networks & Connectivity


UCLA IT Services offers a fast, reliable wireless network access in all general assignment classrooms and on campus residential buildings including many public areas.

Access to the wireless network is available to the UCLA community and guests while on campus and it supports most mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Coverage will improve as the campus wireless continues to grow to accommodate the entire campus.

Please see our wireless coverage map.


IT Services ensures that all wireless services deployed on campus adhere to campus-wide standards for performance, security and access control. IT Services manages the wireless spectrum to ensure the greatest interoperability and roaming ability for use of campus wireless technology. The standard UCLA wireless SSIDs (eduroam, UCLA_WIFI and UCLA_WEB) are available.


Two of the wireless networks, eduroam and UCLA_WIFI require a UCLA Logon ID, while UCLA_WEB has no requirement and is open to public.


Simply scan for one of the standard UCLA SSIDs and connect.

Eduroam is a secure wireless network built for the academic and research community and provides a global roaming access service in higher education institutions in Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States. Devices must be configured in advance before being able to connect to this network. This is the preferred wireless network for all UCLA faculty, students and staff.

UCLA_WiFi requires users to connect through a portal page. Users can connect to it by entering their UCLA Logon ID (username) and password when prompted. This network can be used by faculty, students, staff and authorized guests.

UCLA_WEB is for guests and visitors of UCLA. The network does not require authentication and is not encrypted.

Getting Started

For detailed information regarding the campus wireless network and how to connect, please visit IT Support Center's online knowledge base.

For detailed information regarding guests and visitor access to the wireless networks, please visit our Wireless Network Access page.