Networks & Connectivity

Domain Name System

Domain Name Services (DNS) allows online resources to be accessed via friendly URLs such as

Authorized administrators of a school, department, center, laboratory, division or institute (campus entity) may request to register internal UCLA domain names (e.g. for School of Arts and Architecture) through IT Services' Web Center and the UCLA Domain Name Request Form (PDF).

All requests for internal UCLA domain names require sign-off approval from the appropriate vice chancellor, dean, department chair, director or designee. IT Services will generally assign the requested name to the campus entity if it is not already in use. In exceptional cases, University Communications reserves the right to deny a request if there is clear institutional reason why using the request name wold not be in the best interests of the university. For more information, see UCLA Policy 411 - Registration and Use of UCLA Domain Names.

The requesting campus entity generally runs its own local nameserver and IT Services will convey authority for an approved subdomain to the campus entity. Additionally, IT Services provides backup name service for all subdomains under and the subnet reverse mappings for UCLA's class B networks 128.97., 131.179., 149.142., 164.67. and 169.232.

Getting Started

For help setting up or configuring domain names, email and other network related services, contact the Network Coordinator or designee for your department. You can search for your Network Coordinator or designee at: Network Coordinator Contact List.