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IT Security


SentinelOne is an advanced anti-malware program which protects against executable and file-less malware/ransomware and more.

SentinelOne is an advanced anti-malware program which uses the behavior of malware in addition to file signatures to detect and protect against executable and file-less based malware/ransomware, browser and document exploits, scripts, and credential/memory scrapers. Departments will be provisioned an instance in the SentinelOne cloud console to view and manage malware threats within their environment. SentinelOne is now being offered at no cost to all departments on campus.

Available to


  • Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux, including many no longer supported OSs such as Windows XP.
  • Workstations, servers and VDI environments are all supported.
  • Can work instead of or in addition to your current antivirus.
  • SentinelOne guarantees protection against ransomware and provides $1,000 insurance per failed machine.
  • Offers offline protection.
  • Protects against unknown malware (signature-less) to include executables, fileless (memory only), documents, scripts, browser based, and credential harvesting attacks.
  • Client agent is fully autonomous, lightweight, and high-performance.


All departments are eligible for SentinelOne.

Getting Started

Fill out and submit the SentinelOne New Account Request form and submit your request.