IT Security

PatchLink and Content Wizard by HEAT Software

Identify and patch vulnerabilities across your organization.

The Security Office can provide a copy of the licensed software to eligible campus units.

Patch Management is the best first line of defense when it comes to endpoint security. HEAT PatchLink Patch Management identifies and patches vulnerabilities across heterogeneous OSes, configurations, and all major third party applications. Your servers, desktops, and laptops are equally protected across your entire organization.

HEAT Content Wizard delivers customized extensibility through wizarddriven tools for deploying and removing software, remediating configurations, performing systems management tasks and delivering custom patches.  It simplifies the development, management, distribution and reporting of desktop and system management configuration tasks.

The Security team can also provide installation documentation and support.

Available to


Eligibility varies per service. Contact your ITCC for details.

Getting Started

Create a service request through the catalog in ServiceNow, or send an email to which will create a service request.