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Enterprise Applications

Student Applications

Covering the lifecycle of students from Admissions to Graduation.

Student Applications (SA) supports the design, development, and operation of student applications.

SA works closely with the business units that utilize these systems. These systems operate on a combination of web, distributed, and mainframe platforms. 


The Admissions team is responsible for processing of all Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Medical, and Dental applications and helps prospective students become future Bruins!

We are committed to providing exceptional service while exhibiting accuracy and efficiency in our work, and maintaining integrity, professionalism and respect.

Distributed Technologies

The DT Services are a set of SOAP and Restful based Web services that are wrapped around student application functionalities. The services are accessed by various UCLA web applications in the campus. The Distributed Technologies team in Information Technology Services develops and maintains this application

Financial Aid Management (FAM)

The Financial Aid Management System's (FAM) primary function is to award and package undergraduate and graduate need- and merit-based financial aid. FAM calculates and tracks whether a student is eligible for aid, if the aid is based on need or merit, the type of aid (scholarships, grants, work study, loans, fellowships, etc.) awarded, and the amount of aid a student has received while at UCLA.


MyUCLA gives UCLA students and former students access to their University academic records. The features are developed and maintained in collaboration with IT Services, Undergraduate IT, and Student Affairs IT. This application gives UCLA Students, Staff, Faculty and Third Party (Parent, Relative or Guardian of the UCLA Students) real-time access to their University academic records and updates them instantly.

MyUCLA provides the easiest way to enroll in classes and to gain real-time access to academic, financial, and personal records. The site is designed with an intuitive visual interface that leads the user through the different steps of the procedure, whether it be to check a BAR account, change address information, view a study list, or see term grades.

Student Billing and Receivables

The Student Billing and Receivables (BAR) system is UCLA’s main student accounting system. The BAR system incorporates several financial functions including assessment of tuition charges, accounts payable, accounts receivables, on-line cashiering, application of payments, financial aid disbursements, tax withholding charges, refunds (BruinDirect and paper), punitive/write-offs, and deferred tuition payment plans.

The Consolidated Billing (CB) Middleware system merges multiple online billing applications onto one system to allow students to view and pay for their BAR, Housing, and Transportation accounts. BruinBill allows a student to choose to make one payment for all charges or partial payments depending on the business rules set by business units.

For further details, see Student Accounts.

Student Records

The Student Records System (SRS) is the official academic records application at UCLA. It includes such services as Enrollment, Registration, and Grading. The University Registrar's Office is the custodian of SRS and performs training, assists with access, and directs all changes to the system.

UCLA Identification System (UID)

The UCLA Identification System (UID) is a facility used to assign a unique identification number to students and employees of the University. The UID is utilized by all Student System applications and the Personnel/Payroll System. The UID is the common thread that allows applications to tie various student and employee data together.