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Procurement Applications

Purchasing-Accounts Payable (PAC) System

The official book of record for Purchasing & Accounts Payable transactions.

The PAC system maintains the purchasing and accounts payable data that tracks the status of a purchase or reimbursements from initial request through payment and bank reconciliation for the UCLA general campus, UCOP, and UC Merced. It consists of the Requisition, Purchase Order, Vendor Maintenance, Receiving, Invoice and Payment modules and interfaces with BruinBuy, VIP, Payroll, BAR and UNEX.


The PAC system handles all types of orders, reimbursements and check requests for regular vendors, employees, students and one-time payees. It is designed to be a paperless process with a work queue, three-way or two-way matching, and email notification. It provides EFT payments to employees, students, vendors and processes EDI invoices for EDI ready suppliers.

  • Updates the General Ledger with memo liens, encumbrances, expenditures, and check-write transactions nightly.
  • BruinBuy has real-time interface with PAC
    • Online catalogs with several Suppliers
    • Supplier site orders which updates the BruinBuy shopping cart
    • Attach documentation to Purchase Orders
    • Change orders
  • Three ways reports are provided
  • System verifications and audits on FAU’s, dollar limits and provides PAN notifications.
  • EDI invoice processing for Vendors equipped with EDI

Getting Started

Information Technology Services (IT Services) maintains and enhances this application for the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Departments. All change requests must be submitted through the Application Service Request (ASR) System, and approved by the Corporate Financial Services.

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