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HR/Payroll Applications

Personnel/Payroll System (PPS)

Ensuring all employees are paid properly and in a timely fashion and supporting payroll-related reporting requirements

The Personnel/Payroll System (PPS) is the University’s human resources and payroll system for ten campuses and it contains a wide variety of employee demographic, and employment and payroll data, both current and historical.

UCOP serves as a software vendor and maintains what is referred to as the “base” PPS. Modifications to the base PPS occur several times each month. The releases are distributed to each campus, with the campus being responsible for the integration of the changes into local operational PPS. Campuses are permitted to make local customization to PPS within a set of guidelines that ensures that local changes do not compromise the integrity of the system or jeopardize correct and timely payment to all employees, and that they implement UC Human Resource policy uniformly.

This base PPS has been heavily customized and enhanced by UCLA to integrate with other applications (Shibboleth, DACSS/ASAP, UID and FS) developed and maintained by Information Technology Services (IT Services). Major added features are Automated Consolidated Self Billing, Web data entry, Web report viewing using View Direct, Web Garnishment Process and Web Reporting in Online Financial System Reporting (OFSR). The original Web PAN (designed for PPS transactions only) has been modified to include all other financial applications.

Certain data from the Personnel/Payroll System is provided in the QDB.

Questions regarding functional issues should be directed to Payroll Hot Line at (310) 794-8752. Technical problems should be reported to the IT Services Help Desk at [email protected] or (310) 206-6951.

Getting Started

In order to access the Personnel/Payroll system, you will need an OASIS Logon ID. Your DSA will also need to assign or request specific payroll functions based on the requirements of your job. Changes to access permissions are effective the day after they are made by the DSA. Value based functions are assigned by organizational hierarchy.

IT Services maintains and enhances this application for Payroll Services and Campus Human Resource (CHR). All change requests must be submitted through the Application Service Request (ASR) System, and approved by the Payroll Services.