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Financial Applications

Post Authorization Notification (PAN)

Post-Authorization Notification (PAN) is the process established for financial transactions.

Post-Authorization Notification (PAN) was developed by UCOP and is customized and maintained by UCLA. Although originally established for payroll transactions, UCLA uses it for all financial transactions.​

PAN reviewers fall into two categories, mandatory and non-mandatory. Financial transactions must have at least one mandatory reviewer in order to be processed. Notices are generated to predefined reviewers upon successful completion of a transaction. Mandatory reviewers must login to the PAN system to review their notices. Non-mandatory reviewers receive an email generated at the time of the transaction.

Mandatory reviewers are required to log on to PAN and review their notifications within 2 business days. PAN provides an “inbox” for each reviewer and records a date/time stamp when the record is reviewed. The PAN System allows anyone with access to view notices via a web based report with a variety of search criteria, including organizational hierarchy, Full Accounting Unit (FAU), preparer, reviewer and date parameters.


Account creation is handled by the department security administrators (DSAs). Inquire in your department for whom to contact. Users will be contacted within one to two working days of ID creation to schedule the required security training. Changes to access permissions are effective the day after they are made by the DSA.

There are two major functions, PAN reviewer (Non-Payroll) and PAN reviewer (Personnel/Payroll). Each reviewer must have at least one of these. In addition, all reviewers (mandatory and non-mandatory) must be established in the DACSS system by Process ID, which indicates what financial transactions they are authorized to review:

  • Purchasing transactions
  • Payroll and employee transactions
  • Open Provisions
  • Departmental Deposits
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Travel Expenses
  • Inter-departmental recharge

Getting Started

Information Technology Services (IT Services) maintains and enhances this application for Corporate Financial Services (CFS). All change requests must be submitted through the Application Service Request (ASR) System, and approved by Corporate Financial Services (CFS).

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