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Financial Applications

Permanent Budget System

The Permanent Budget System maintains the budget approved by the State and allocated to the campus at the beginning of each fiscal year, July 1st.

The Permanent Budget System is a batch system that accepts and edits transactions from other sources like Office of the President’s Budget ITF, Payroll’s Staffing System, and Financials online Permanent Transfer of Funds (TOF)


A Permanent Transfer of Funds (TOF) affects the Permanent Budget System. This system manages the ongoing, year to year budget that is provided by the State, Endowments, and Income Producing Funds (e.g. Sales & Service funds). At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Permanent Budget approved by the State is allocated to the campus and loaded into the Financial System, becoming the Temporary Operation Budget populating the appropriation column of the General Ledger. Permanent TOF need to be made for the following reasons:

  • Merit increases or changes in FTE
  • Increase/decrease in ongoing activities
  • Anytime the Permanent Budget System needs to be adjusted

The Budget Error correction application process Office of the President’s Budget ITF and correct the batch that was bypassed by the Budget System’s nightly process due to some errors on transactions. The Budget System processes the corrected file and post nightly to the Budget System.

The Permanent Budget Systems maintains the Budget Detail and Summary database. It records all the ongoing year to year adjustments or increments from internal and external sources. The corporate budget extract file is transmitted to Office of the President on quarterly basis. It is also used to produce reports for the campus on a monthly basis. Budget Reports are available from the Report Distribution System (RDS).

At the end of the fiscal year, at the direction of the campus Budget Officer, the Budget database is purged of old records and used as the source for creating the “July 1 adjusted budget” transactions for the Financial System for the new fiscal year.

Getting Started

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