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Financial Applications

Consolidated Gift Management

Bringing data together for comprehensive reporting

Consolidated Gift Fund Reports brings together data from three different sources (UCOP, UCLA Foundation & UCLA Corporate Finance) to provide the campus with comprehensive information regarding gift fund balances.

All gift information for the campus has been incorporated into these reports, including both Regental and Foundation funds for endowments and current expenditures. These reports can be grouped by organization, division, subdivision, department, or fund, and are custom-tailored to fit the various fund types.


Consolidated Gift Fund Management allows users to see gift fund details at the fund level as well as balance rollups at any level in the campus hierarchy. All of these reports may be displayed in a print-friendly format or downloaded to excel format.

The following categories of reporting are available:

  • Endowments Regental Principle & Income
  • Current Expenditure Regental
  • Endownments Foundation
  • Current Expenditure Foundation

Getting Started

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