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Business Analytics & Reporting

ViewDirect/DocumentDirect Reports

Administrative reports can be viewed online through an OASIS mainframe session using ViewDirect-RDS or through a Web browser using the DocumentDirect product.


ViewDirect-RDS (Report Distribution System) automates the distribution of reports created by central mainframe applications, allowing users to view reports online through OASIS at their own workstations:

  • Users may view online all or part of a report.
  • Reports are available for viewing within one hour after creation.
  • Report versions are maintained and secured on either disk or tape with automatic recall.
  • Users may print a page, section or entire report, directing it to their own printers or to the IT Services printer.
  • Security is provided, limiting report viewing to the owners and authorized recipients.
  • Reports are provided to the users in a format that suits their needs and eliminates the time spent sifting through stacks of paper.
  • ViewDirect-RDS eliminates the problem of lost reports and the time-consuming recreation of them.

DocumentDirect is the Web-based application that allows users to access ViewDirect reports on their web browsers. Its major features are:

  • DocumentDirect for the Internet integrates into your Web browser for quick and easy access to all ViewDirect reports.
  • Reports can be viewed in either text or PDF formats.
  • ViewDirect reports that use forms overlays can only be viewed using DocumentDirect.
  • Reports can be downloaded as text or PDF files.
  • Data can be extracted from reports into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Users may print a page, section or entire report, directing it to their own printers or to the IT Services printer.
  • Uses the same security as ViewDirect.


  • You must have an OASIS Logon ID to access both ViewDirect and DocumentDirect.
  • To access ViewDirect, log into OASIS and select the RDS transaction ID.
  • You must have a UCLA Logon ID to access DocumentDirect.
  • The DocumentDirect website is and uses your UCLA Logon ID and password.

Getting Started

If you have any questions or need additional help with ViewDirect or DocumentDirect, contact IT Services Production Support via email Production Support or submit a catalog service request via Service-Now under Reporting Tools. The following updates can be requested:

  • Request access to specific reports, include a list of the Report IDs and Report Names you want. This list will be forwarded to the report owner(s) asking permission for access. You will be notified after permission is obtained and the access is set up.
  • Remote printer definition updates.
  • Report format changes such as "freeze" or "view" for columns and rows.
  • Requests for dividing reports into sections. Note: These changes are subject to approval by report owners.
  • Modifications to report retention definitions. Note: These changes are subject to approval by report owners