UCLA Threat Detection and Identification (TDI)

Threat Detection and Identification (TDI) is being implemented systemwide and at UCLA to respond to increasingly sophisticated attacks from nation states and cyber criminals. The objective of TDI is to utilize real-time intelligence to detect malicious activity across a broad attack surface and respond within minutes to contain and minimize the damage to our infrastructure or the breach of our data.

As these capabilities are an evolution of our traditional (but no longer effective) security practices, we are committed to implementing them in a transparent manner. Consistent with our values of shared governance, we have created a security / privacy work group to provide guidance on the implementation of these technologies in alignment with our privacy principles and the Electronics Communication Policy (ECP). Members of the work group include:

  • Andrew Wissmiller (IT Services ) and Jim Davis (OIT)
  • Privacy Board
    • Dana Cuff (Faculty Chair)
    • Christine Borgman (Faculty)
    • Burt Swanson (Faculty)
    • Kent Wada (Chief Privacy Officer)
  • ITPB
    • John Mamer (Faculty Chair)
    • Kathleen Bawn (Faculty Vice Chair)
    • Susan Cochran (Academic Senate Chair Elect)

Please check this site for additional information related to the work group’s recommendations that will be posted as they become available.

Please see frequently asked questions regarding the UC Systemwide Threat Detection and Identification (TDI) Approach for more information.