Thank you for taking the time to find out more about and enroll in UCLA’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) program. You are making an important step toward securing your online identity and personal information. Your participation will be helping to protect UCLA’s research, intellectual property, and institutional data.

What Is Multi-Factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA, sometimes called 2-step or 2-factor authentication, provides extra security when logging into websites and applications by requiring an additional form of identification to gain access.

What is an Authentication Factor?

  • Something you know (like a password)
  • Something you have (like a smartphone or physical token)
  • Something you are (like your fingerprint)

Why Is MFA Important At UCLA, And Why Should I Use It?

Multi-factor authentication will provide an added level of security to websites and applications accessed by your UCLA Logon, including MyUCLA. This is achieved through the use of an application called Duo.  Once you've enrolled in MFA at UCLA, all login attempts to access resources protected by your UCLA Logon will require using an additional authentication factor through Duo.

What Are The Benefits Of Using MFA At UCLA?

Using MFA at UCLA provides the following benefits to you and the greater campus community:

  • Adds an additional layer of security to your UCLA Logon credentials
  • Prevents unauthorized logons to your account
  • Protects your account even if your password is compromised

As an example, many people use the same passwords at multiple websites, so a password compromise from a popular retailer could lead to hackers getting access to your UCLA Logon account.

How Do I Enroll In MFA?

Get started now by visiting BOL's detailed walkthrough of the Duo enrollment process!

Is MFA Required?

In the near future, all UCLA faculty and staff members will be required to enroll and use MFA to log in to applications using UCLA Logon. It is also currently available for all students.

Can I Enroll More Than One Device In MFA?

Yes, and it’s recommended. It is important to have a backup device for authentication (such as a desk phone) to avoid difficulties logging in if you lose or don’t have your primary enrolled device with you.

What If I Have Questions?

If you need assistance related to MFA, contact your local IT service desk, call the BOL service desk at (310) 267-HELP (4357), or send an email to