FacTech – Sponsored by Office of Information Technology

Time: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
Location: UCLA Faculty Center, California Room

Are you a UCLA faculty member interested in learning about new technologies? FacTech is an event that will introduce UCLA faculty to a variety of productivity and collaboration tools including Kaltura, Trello and CCLE to better help manage their teaching and research. FacTech is sponsored by UCLA's Office of Information Technology.

TECHFAIR 2016 – Sponsored by UCLA Residential Life

Time: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 – 7 pm
Location: Carnesale: Palisades (A-F); Carnesale: Venice AB; Carnesale: Hermosa AB; Carnesale: Malibu; Sproul CL: Sproul Landing Terrace (faces Palisades/over BPlate)
A festival of innovative technology. Commercial Technology, Startups and campus partners will showcase the latest & greatest advances in technology.

Raising Awareness of Web Application Security (for IT Staff)

Time: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 – 2 pm, Seating Limited to 60 Individuals
Location: UCLA Faculty Center, Cypress Room
Topic: It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month: Are Your Apps Secure? with Setumadhav (Setu) Kulkarni, Vice President, Product Management, WhiteHat Security

Web application attacks represent 40% of all breaches, which makes web apps the largest single attack surface in the enterprise. Yet organizations spend less on application security than on almost all other security technologies and approaches. Why?

In this month dedicated to raising national consciousness around cyber security, this talk will explore one of the most ignored but important aspects of security— application security—and what’s needed to encourage secure application development and continuous application security. I’ll cover where application security fits in the whole security “stack”; share some revealing statistics from the WhiteHat Security Web Applications Security Statistics Report; and provide recommendations on how to incorporate application security best practices into your overall security strategy.

As the Vice President of Product Management, Setu is responsible for product vision, strategy, and direction at WhiteHat Security. Setu joins the WhiteHat leadership team after a 10+ year stint at TIBCO Software Inc., where he most recently led product management and strategy for the Operational Intelligence product portfolio. During his many years at TIBCO, he led a variety of strategic and operational initiatives – building the SOA platform for the Integration and BPM businesses, building the business launch platform for TIBCO’s cloud business, mainstreaming the LogLogic acquisition, and developing the next-gen ITOA offering. Earlier in his career, Setu has held engineering and pre-sales roles in India and Europe while working for NDS, Infosys, Adobe, and TIBCO before moving into product leadership positions in the U.S. He earned an engineering degree in computer science and engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India.

A free ticket is required to attend. Reserve now.  

Documentary Presentation - Terms and Conditions May Apply (for Students), co-sponsored with the UCLA Privacy Office

terms and conditionsTime: TBD, Seating Limited to 100 Individuals
Location: UCLA Bradley International, Room #300

How privacy is balanced against the many rights, values, and desires of our society is among the most challenging issues of our time. The Office of the UCLA Chief Privacy Officer has licensed the documentary film, Terms and Conditions May Apply (TACMA), for UCLA to help foster a campus dialog about privacy.

Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary that exposes what corporations and governments learn about people through Internet and cell phone usage, and what can be done about it...if anything.

Following the screening, students will have an opportunity to participate in a Q&A discussion with Kent Wada, UCLA Chief Privacy Officer.

For more information, please view the the documentary trailer.

BruinTech Brown Bag, Sponsored by the Office of Information Technology

Time: Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 12:00 Noon to 1:00pm
Location: UCLA IDRE Portal (Math Sciences, Room 5628)
Topic:  Ransomware, What It Is and What to Do if It Hits You

The Information Security Office will provide an overview of what ransomware is and what they are seeing as current trends on our campus.  They will also walk through best practice approaches to prevent it and what to do both short and long term if you have been infected.

A free ticket is required to attend. Reserve now.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Presentation - (for Staff and Faculty)

Time: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – 2 pm, Seating Limited to 60 Individuals
Location: UCLA Faculty Center, Cypress Room
Topic: Stolen in 60 Seconds: How Cyber Criminals Are Stealing Your Most Precious Information, with Supervisory Special Agent Gabriel Andrews

Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Gabriel Andrews received his Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and an M.B.A. from San Diego State University. Prior to joining the FBI, SSA Andrews has worked in the business arm of an international video game publisher, has lived in rural Japan teaching English as part of the JET Programme, and has run a biological research laboratory at the Veteran’s Hospital in UC San Diego.   He entered the FBI as a Special Agent in 2010, whereupon he was assigned to work criminal computer investigations in the Los Angeles Field Office. In 2014, SSA Andrews was selected to serve a year as the FBI's Cyber representative to the Government of Canada out of the US embassy in Ottawa. SSA Andrews returned to Los Angeles in 2015, where he has recently been chosen to spearhead the expansion of the “National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) West," a nonprofit agency partnered with the FBI to provide a home for the public and private sectors to work together to fight Internet enabled crime.

A free ticket is required to attend. Reserve now.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Presentation - (for Students)

Time: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – 7 pm, Seating Limited to 100 Individuals
Location: UCLA Bradley International, Room #300
Topic: How Cyber Criminals Seek to Victimize You and What You Can Do About It, with Supervisory Special Agent Michael Sohn

Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Michael Sohn is currently leading a squad at the FBI Los Angeles Field Division that is responsible for investigating computer and high-technology crimes involving national security matters. His investigative experience includes cyber terrorism, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), and various criminal computer intrusion matters. Prior to his employment with the FBI, he worked as a Cyber Counterintelligence Officer for the Department of the Army, a Counter Terrorism officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton, and a U.S. Army Officer. Mr. Sohn received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the United States Military Academy, West Point and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University, Boston.