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The Toronto man had been temporarily laid off from his job in the telecom industry when the COVID19 crisis hit, so when he saw a job posting on LinkedIn on June 20 for a key account coordinator at Sobeys, he decided to apply.

"I want to work," said Monize, 54. "Sitting at home and doing little projects, it doesn't do well for me. I wasn't brought up that way."

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Michael Klepper and Don Heatley of the AT&T Chief Security Office discuss scams involving contact tracing.

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Fast facts:

  • The novel coronavirus is changing how Americans work. Some employers advise, “Stay home.”
  • Working from home could increase cybersecurity risks. Tech protection can help.
  • Tools like VPNs can help protect data and online connections, but workers may need to adapt in other ways.
  • Scam alert: Coronavirus-related phishing emails aim to trick staffers with fake company policies.
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That smartphone in your pocket – or your tablet or laptop – contains significant information about you and your friends and family, including contact numbers, photos and locations. Your mobile devices need to be protected. Take the following security precautions and enjoy the conveniences of technology with peace of mind while you are on the go.

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Whether you make financial transactions on your phone, scroll through photos on your tablet, or check email on your smartwatch, you probably spend a huge amount of time every day on your mobile device. While you probably know how to keep your computer secure, protecting your phone and tablet requires a different approach. Follow these six steps to help keep your mobile device secure.

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Seems like everywhere you turn, there’s news of another mobile security breach. Just last month, vulnerabilities in iOS 9.3.5 were being exploited by the notorious NSO Group, maker of surveillance software, to read text messages and emails, record sounds, collect passwords, and even track the calls and whereabouts of users. Apple released a security patch on August 25 in response.

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Fast facts:

The following guidelines should be referenced to help facilitate remote work securely for faculty and staff members. Circumstances may vary depending on technical requirements of the remote work and should be used in addition to any specific requirements defined by local management or IT units.

The following basic security requirements meet UCLA’s Security Policy 401 on Campus Minimum Security Standards; These security standards consist of having up-to-date patches for the Operating Systems and Applications, running an up-to-date antivirus application, and turning on local firewall on the device to block unnecessary traffic.

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Attacks compromising business email are increasingly targeting nonprofits, bilking them for gift cards instead of complicated wire transfers. Criminal hackers make a lot of money targeting businesses and institutions of all kinds with phishing attacks that lead to compromised business email. While crooks may have an array of systems in place to launder the funds they steal, researchers have noticed that so-called business email compromise scammers are leaning more and more on the humble gift card.


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When Denise McKendry entered the Kroger store in Midlothian, Va., on Feb. 25, the schoolteacher was visibly distraught. She was on her cellphone, talking to a man who had identified himself as Officer Johnson from the IRS. He had explained, in threatening and sometimes nasty terms, that McKendry owed $5,207 in back taxes and that she’d be arrested if she did not pay it off. Fortunately, thanks to an arrangement among Google, the IRS and her local police department, she could easily make a down payment on her debt and avoid jail. All she had to do was buy two $500 Google Play gift cards and read their code numbers to him over the phone.


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Gift Card 911. It’s an urgent request – get fifteen $150 gift cards and send the codes immediately!  Before rushing to comply, it’s important to slow down and carefully consider all the details.

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