Phish Bowl

phish bowl graphic

It is important to be aware of fraudulent phishing schemes. Check back here for known phishing attacks.

DatePhishing AlertDescription
3/31/21IRS Warning of Impersonation Attacks Targeting UniversitiesSecurity advisory about an ongoing IRS-impersonation scam that appears to primarily target educational institutions
3/25/21HR TeamPhishing email about a message from the HR Department
3/25/21Recalculation of your Tax Refund PaymentPhishing email about a tax refund
3/25/21UNICEF PART – TIME JOB OPPORTUNITYPhishing email offering a paid part-time internship
3/25/21[username]@[campus unit] password expirationPhishing email targeting users to change their password
7/21/20Malicious Activity Targeting COVID-19 Research, Vaccine DevelopmentA malicious cyber actor is using a variety of tools and techniques to target organizations involved in COVID-19 research and vaccine development.
7/13/20Scammers Exploit California’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing ProgramOfficials are warning that scammers are exploiting California’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing program - The program that health workers use to call everyone who came in close contact with a COVID-19 patient.
5/22/20Employment Termination Results from COVID-19 DownsizingPhishing email targeting teleworking employees with fraudulent termination and VTC meeting invites, citing COVID-19 as the reason
5/21/20EVC/Provost OpportunityPhishing Email offering a "EVC/Provost Opportunity" and "Personal Assistant Position to Dr. ■■■■■■"
3/6/20Staff & Employee BenefitsPhishing email asking users to click a link to verify their email and receive a monthly benefit payment
11/13/19we need you only if you are interestedPhishing email posing as Amazon; asks for personal details and promises money to a "Mystery Shopper"
10/16/19NEW PAYROLL SERVICEPhishing email asking for employee details for upgraded payroll services
10/15/19Question – application for a Professor positionPhishing email enquiring after university details to apply as a professor
9/17/19RE: ICT Technical SupportPhishing email about migrating Outlook Web App 2019 accounts
9/2/19Urgent HirePhishing email about a part-time position
8/9/19Subject: Re:DFPhishing email saying account will be unable to send or receive messages
8/7/19help deskPhishing email saying e-mail password is expiring
7/19/19About: Ownership Confirmation of [account]@ucla.eduPhishing email asking for account ownership confirmation
7/17/19Re: Mailbox limit have exceededPhishing email pretending to be from a helpdesk
7/12/19Email Alert From UCLA Division of Astronomy & AstrophysicsPhishing email asking the user to update their password
6/13/19Dr. Karen L Gordes WORK-STUDYPhishing email offering workstudy opportunity


Phishing email offering an internship and work study
5/28/19Sextortion ScamPhishing email saying they have explicit content 
5/28/19RE: Action Required: Update your payment information nowPhishing email saying payment has been declined
5/28/19New Important ArticlePhishing email directing students, faculty and staff to view a new website article
5/28/19VoicemailsPhishing email saying there are new voicemails from Anna Aman
5/24/19ATTENTION!!!Phishing email claiming UCLA webmail important update
5/23/19PART TIME OPEN JOB POSITION CISCOsystemsPhishing email offering a part-time job at CISO
5/23/19Part-time employment opportunity from Dr. Josh BrolinPhishing email offering a part-time job from Dr. Josh Brolin
2/26/19shipping/delivery Company/agentPhishing email about abandoned shipment
2/26/19FW!!!Good Afternoon*****Phishing email telling users they've been selected to work with Edward R. Carr
2/26/19Your Chase Online: Action RequiredPhising email saying user needs to review their account
2/6/19Security Notice. Someone have access to your system.Phishing email blackmailing user for bitcoin.
12/21/18good newsPhishing email with attachment telling user they've won a Gmail Lottery Award.
12/14/18[email protected][.]ORG HAS SHARED DIRECTORY - RADFORD UNIVERSITYPhishing email advertising part-time work. 
12/4/18Survey invitation to evaluate Steven JonasPhishing email asking users to take a survey.
11/30/18Re: IT Service DeskPhishing email claiming to be from the IT Help Desk Team, asking the user to click on a link to update Outlook Web Access.
11/30/181 New Unread EmailPhishing email claiming to be from UCLA CS.
11/30/18[email protected]Phishing email advertising a survey evaluation job from Radford University.
11/5/18Billing Problem (Apple ID)Phishing email posing as Apple asking user to click and verify information.
10/12/18Skype Message - Board Meeting ScheduledPhishing email that states: "a meeting was schedule with you on skype" with link to click.  
10/9/18Action Required: Email Account Synchronization FailedPhishing email telling users they need to click on link to switch to a new web interface.
10/9/18Phishing email asking UCLA user to synchronize their mail.
10/4/18Payment SuccessfulPhishing email posing as Apple asking users to sign in with Apple ID.
10/4/18ITHelp DeskPhishing email asking users to validate account and click validation link.
10/4/18RE: Support DeskPhishing email asking faculty/staff and employees to click link to update Outlook for 2018.
10/3/18Your Mailbox De-activation NoticePhishing email asking users to verify their identity by clicking on a link.
10/3/18Email Policy UpdatesPhishing email posing as Outlook Web app asking users to enter email and password.
9/20/18Unauthorized Failed AccessPhishing email posing as Bank of America asking user to click on link.
9/14/18FSA Phishing - Malicious Campaign AlertMultiple institutions of higher education have reported that attackers are using a phishing email to obtain access to student accounts via their student portal.
9/14/18Google Accounts - Your Account Will Be DeactivatedPhishing email with notice: "This is to inform you that your request on: [DATE] to remove your account from server has been approved and will initiate in one hour from the exact time you open this message."
9/12/18Part-time Job Opportunity (Multiple Scam Variants)Phishing email advertising jobs for drivers willing to advertise "Australian Open" on their cars
9/11/18Attention UCLA UserPhishing email posing as UCLA server asking for login and password information