Inquiry from Nigeria

Below is a sample phishing email that was recently sent out. If you received this, please do not respond to it and do not click on any hyperlinks.

Image of Phishing Email

Phishing Scam

Text of Phishing Email

From: [email protected] ASSETS [mailto: jamesgreen. [email protected] gmail. com]
Sent: None
Subject: Inquiry!"
                                    This request, founded on genuine purpose comes to you from an erstwhile government official in Nigeria, in West Africa. I am a real person seeking a trusted foreigner who is very much willing to work with me on a very discreet deal that would see us raking in the sum of US$57 million within the next 30 days should you believe me, trust me and submit yourself to work conscientiously with me on the proposed plan.
                    Should you want to learn more about the deal, kindly contact me by return email:  I will call you by phone after I have received your response with a reliable private telephone number attached.
Waiting most hopefully to receive a response from you.
     Dr. Bello Osagie.