Attention Beneficiary

Below is a sample phishing email that was recently sent out. If you received this, please do not respond to it and do not click on any hyperlinks.

Image of Phishing Email

Attention Beneficiary phish

Text Version of Phishing Email

From: Debt Payment Reconciliation Department [mailto:::]
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 2:38 PM
Subject: Attention Beneficiary---
Importance: Low
Attention Dear Beneficiary
We have your name in our overdue payment schedule data base for a very long time now and we wondered why this funds has not been cleared by the rightful beneficiary.  Due to misdirection of funds and officials siphoning funds from government accounts and harking of banks data base.
Your payment was stopped after our (IIC) International Investigation Committee on debt reconciliation under (BIS) Bank for International Settlement.  In our investigation we have three (3) different account in our payment system for your fund transfer into different countries which are reasons why we have to stop your payment transfer.
We try to communicate with you several times now but there is no response from you or your local partners. You’re hereby advice to respond to this letter if only you are the right beneficiary of the fund or next of kin. Local partners will not be attend to avoid an y further delays or misdirection payment.
Yours faithfully
John Ansah
Debt Payment Reconciliation Department, (BoG)