Attached Scanned Image from MXS2310U

Below is a sample phishing email that was recently sent out. If you received this, please do not respond to it and do not click on any hyperlinks.

Phishing email sent from a departmental address ( with the Subject of “Scanned image from MX2310U @”

Image of  Phishing Email

phishing alert - scanned image from MX21310U

Text Version of Phishing Email

Sent: Monday, December 05, 2016 1:11 PM
To: xxxx
Subject: Scanned image from MX2310U @
Relpy to:
Device Name: MX2310U
Device Model" MX-2310U
Location: Reception

File Format: PDF MMR (G4)
Resolution: 200dpi x 200dpi

Attached file is scanned image in PDF format (RAR archive).
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