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Updated On November 27, 2018 - 2:01pm – 1 min

SSL Certificate updates on Thurs 11/29/18 and Fri 11/30/18: Completed

On Thurs, Nov. 29, and Friday Nov. 30, the Network Services team will be updating the SSL certificate to remove weak ciphers, as part of following security best practices for the A10 Load Balancer. Connections to the following applications will be briefly interrupted while the SSL certificate is updated:

Thursday, 11/29

  • IAMUCLA: 10 a.m. [Completed]
  • DACSS: 10 a.m. [Completed]     
  • UCPath: 12 noon [Completed]
  • Enterprise Messaging (EM): 1 p.m. [Completed]
  • CDW: 8 p.m. [Completed]
  • Payroll: 7 p.m.  [Completed]

Friday, 11/30

  • System Operations: 8 a.m. [Completed]

If you experience issues after the update, please contact [email protected] or call us at 310-825-8000.