Updated On December 20, 2019 - 11:20am

Radius SSL Certificate Update for eduroam

In January, IT Services will be updating the Radius SSL certificate that serves the eduroam SSID. While the implementation process is straightforward and does not include downtime, users may get an error message when connecting to eduroam for the first time after the update. In the past, we've noted that many users can be confused or concerned about the error message, and seek clarification from their local IT support. 

In order to help you better support your users, we’re working to address two key points: 

1-Making users aware of the error message.

We are currently working to identify any particular messages that we can alert IT support staff to help users with, but there is a broad range of clients and potential messages based on the device used. We're working on developing documentation and guidance about what these messages will say, and how to help users navigate them.

2-Scheduling the best time to update the certificate in January.

We'll also be discussing the best timing to make this change in January, to ensure that IT support staff can make their users aware well in advance. 

Your perspective is important in determining the best options for dates, and we'd like to invite you to submit your comments regarding timing on a feedback form on our website. Our deadline for updating the certificate is February 8, so we'll be incorporating any feedback from the BruinTech community in early January. We're also prepping a knowledgebase article that will provide more details on what users might see after the update.  In January, we'll circle back and narrow down dates based on both your feedback, and the change freeze calendar.

Thank you for your insight, and we'll look forward to a great 2020!

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