Updated On February 23, 2017 - 9:04am

IT Services Client Support: Your Single Point of Contact for Customer Service

If you've ever had a question about ordering our products and services, or had access issues to enterprise applications or voice services interruptions, you might have been faced with the question of whom to call and where to go to for support. To help expedite this process, campus faculty and staff can turn to IT Services Client Support, the single point of contact for our products and services.

Please call (310) 825-8000 or email clientsupport@it.ucla.edu for inquiries.

  • Option 1: Telephone service interruptions
  • Option 2: Report issues with IT Services managed applications or login issues
  • Option 3: Questions about our products or services
  • Option 4: Inquiries regarding IT Services Web Bill
  • Option 5: All other issues

(Please choose option 1 or 2 for reporting after-hours service issues.)

Check out the Client Support webpage for more information on frequently asked questions and how we can provide assistance.