Updated On August 19, 2013 - 10:20am

Information for Residents Regarding File Sharing & DMCA Policies

Dear Resident of UCLA Housing:

You may already have heard that on March 23, the Recording Industry Association of America began legal action against an additional 532 individuals, 89 of whom are from 21 different universities (UC Berkeley, USC, Stanford, Loyola Marymount and CSU Northridge in California). This is part of a continuing strategy from the entertainment industry to curb copyright infringement through file sharing.

As a creator of intellectual property, UCLA respects copyright protections and does not condone the illegal or inappropriate use of copyrighted material, whether through online means or otherwise. UCLA has taken, and will continue to take, appropriate steps to prevent illegal file sharing and to respond to notice of claims of online copyright infringement.

At the same time, UCLA respects due process and the student judicial system, and is striving to balance this respect with UCLA's intention to comply and promote compliance with copyright laws. Over the last several months, UCLA has carefully examined the process for handling notice of claims of online copyright infringement, keeping this balance in mind.

Beginning Monday, April 19, a more distinct procedure, described fully in the attachment, will be used for responding to notices of claims of online copyright infringement within the University Housing community.

This procedure, while imposing reasonable network restrictions intended to block access to the alleged infringing materials, also recognizes that an individual needs to continue to adequately function in his or her educational capacity. Thus, most education-related work will still be possible after a student provides appropriate assurances that the reported materials have been removed, even as the student judicial process proceeds in adjudicating a claim. UCLA believes this procedure preserves due process for Housing clients while fully complying with the letter and spirit of the copyright laws.

Please understand that illegal file sharing is a violation of Federal law and is prohibited by the Student Conduct Code. The Office of the Dean of Students can sanction students who have, in fact, violated University policy with penalties ranging up to Dismissal from the University. Questions about the student judicial process and sanctions should be addressed to Christine J. Coons, ORL Judicial Affairs Coordinator/Assistant Dean of Students, at [email protected].

Questions about the general process may be addressed to the UCLA DMCA Designated Agent, at u[email protected].

Finally, if you would like technical assistance in removing files/software from your computer, please contact the Student Technology Center at [email protected]; (310) 825-3400.


Michael Foraker
Director, Housing and Hospitality Services

Suzanne Seplow
Director, Office of Residential Life

Kent Wada
Director, Information Technology Policy