Updated On January 17, 2019 - 4:55pm – 1 min

Connecting to UCLA_WIFI on Mac OS 10.14

This issue has been resolved by Sophos. If you are still experiencing issues please make sure that Sophos Anti-Virus is updated to the latest version on your Mac.


Mac OS 10.14 users with Sophos Anti-Virus installed will experience an error when attempting to connect to UCLA_WIFI using Safari.
Sophos error screenshot
Sophos is working on a solution for this issue. Please note that BOL recommends that all users connect to the Campus Wireless network using eduroam instead. If you still prefer to connect using UCLA_WIFI, you can work around the above issue by opening a non-Safari web browser manually and visiting any website. You should then be automatically redirected to the UCLA_WIFI login page.
For further details and additional workarounds, please visit this Sophos article.