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Phone, TV & Radio

Cable TV System

Supplying cable television within a closed-system campus environment

IT Services manages the UCLA Community Access Television (CATV) System for signal transmission to campus locations and a Satellite Signal (SATV) head-end for satellite signal reception from external signal providers.

IT Services supplies cable television to subscribers within a closed-system campus environment, including campus housing residents, individual academic and administrative departments, the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, the UCLA Guest House, and the Wilshire Center.

The broadcasting channels include off-air local programming, cable education, news, entertainment, sports programming, premium programming, and UCLA-originated programming. One channel is reserved exclusively for emergency announcements specifically related to UCLA.

Cable TV is available in the following campus buildings.

  • Ackerman Union
  • Boelter Hall
  • Broad Hall
  • Bunche Hall
  • Campus Services Building I
  • Center for Health Sciences
  • Chancellor’s Residence
  • CNSI
  • COGEN - Facilities Management
  • Haines Hall
  • James West Center
  • Kerckhoff Hall
  • Kinross
  • Math Sciences
  • Moore Hall
  • Murphy Hall
  • ORL
  • Powell Library
  • Public Policy Building
  • Rehab
  • Rolfe Hall
  • Royce Hall
  • Strathmore Building
  • Student Activities Center
  • Tiverton House
  • UCLA Guest House
  • UCLA Wilshire Center
  • UC Police Department
  • University Elementary School
  • Wooden Center

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