Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

Enterprise Reporting and Analytics provides services and tools UC wide to develop reports and queries, using Cognos, improving the quality of planning and business decisions for departments by allowing easier access to institutional information.

Cognos Web Reports

There are a number of pre-existing reports available for the major business systems, Finance, UCPath, BAR, Personnel & Payroll, among others.

Cognos Query Studio

A report creation tool that is available to all Enterprise Data Warehouse users to create custom reports and queries when one of the pre-existing reports doesn't match their requirements.

Custom reports and queries

When reports require a level of complexity that cannot be met using Query Studio, the Reporting and Analytics team can create a custom report according to specifications.

Shared folders & reports

Numerous reports are shared within business areas. Cognos provides the ability to share reports between users eliminating the need for multiple copies of the same report to exist.