Enterprise Integration Services

Enterprise Integration Services enables application-to-application integration via standard protocols. Developers and system integrators choose from a variety of services from multiple business systems including legacy and mainframe systems and build an aggregate service that can be accessed over standard web APIs (REST), web services (SOAP) and messaging solutions using popular data formats like JSON and XML.

  • We offer consulting services to help you solve your immediate application requirements.
  • We design and develop application programming interfaces (APIs), web services, and messaging solutions for core campus projects, using service-oriented architecture concepts and tools such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Managed File Transfer solutions (MFT).
  • We build, enhance and expose business services via REST API or SOAP web services.
  • We provide an interaction hub to mediate with external partners, UC campuses, vendors or other campus departments using various technologies.
  • We provide a web-based dashboard to track all data movement and capture business events.

Additional services that are available for data processing: transformation, data enrichment, encryption/decryption, routing, tracking, data archive, event notification, SLA enforcement, and automated incident reporting.