A Unit of Application Services

Procurement System

The Procure to Pay Systems incorporate procurement and accounting business activities for the UCLA campus, UC Office of the President (UCOP), and UC Merced. Three systems are relied upon to manage the daily purchasing and accounting transactions: PAC (Purchasing Accounts Payable), BruinBuy and VIP.

The PAC system maintains the purchasing and accounts payable data that tracks the status of a purchase or reimbursements from initial request through payment and bank reconciliation for the UCLA general campus, UCOP, and UC Merced. The base modules of PAC, purchased from Walker Interactive Systems in 1984 (INFOR owns the licenses today), were Requisition, Purchase Order, Vendor Maintenance, Receiving, Invoice and Payment. In subsequent years, enhancements and customizations were added to the base system to accommodate business requirements. The system handles all types of orders, including Pcard (university credit card), reimbursements and check requests for regular vendors, employees, students and one-time payees; and interfaces with Payroll, BAR and UNEX. The system verifies authority and audits, providing authentication of FAUs and dollar limits; and provides post-audit notification through PAN.

It is designed to be a paperless process with a work queue, three-way or two-way matching, and email notification. It provides EFT payments to employees, students, vendors and processes EDI invoices for EDI ready suppliers. PAC is the official book of record for purchasing and accounts payable transactions, and maintains a complete history of all transactions. It updates the General Ledger with memo liens, encumbrances, expenditures, and check-write transactions each night. Reports are provided online through RDS and web reports are accessible through BruinBuy and the UCLA Financial Web.

BruinBuy is a web-based method of purchasing which provides a graphical user interface, real-time interface to PAC, online vendor catalogs, and e-procurement shopping carts for ease of use, was implemented in June 2001. BruinBuy has become the primary means for producing Purchase Orders and interfaces with the PAC system daily. It keeps a complete record easy to access for any change orders against a Purchase Order. Also it contains catalogs for certain vendors, but also acts as a portal to Supplier Sites to create a purchase basket within the Suppliers application and returns the results to BruinBuy once submitted so that a Purchase Order is also created for UCLA to match up at the time of receiving and payment.

The VIP application is home grown and has enabled some vendors who have signed up for a UCLA Logon ID to upload their invoices into the VIP application which then interfaces with PAC to process the invoices and pay. Recently we have added a new feature to the application called Dynamic Discounting. For certain vendors who would like a quicker turn around on their payments rather than waiting the 30 days for processing, can do so based on how much of a discount they will give us to make the payment quicker. VIP updates PAC each night with any changes to an invoice in a submitted/pending status so if any discounts have been applied it will be updated in PAC and the new terms will then apply to that invoice.

UPS i-Ship – this is a partnership with all the UC’s and UCLA will be the first onboard to make it easier the User to ship their packages.

Transcepta for the Accounts Payable department. They will image all invoices from the contracted Vendors/Suppliers and then transmit a file to be uploaded into our PAC system. This will reduce the time required by staff to input invoices.

Phase II of UCPath for the UCLA, UCM, UCR and ASUCLA go live.

Visual Compliance – this is an outside company that will screen our Vendor Database to help UCLA AP keep the I-9’s, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses current.

EDI for McKesson Oncology – this is a large ticket item due to multiple facilities and the cost of the drugs.

Reduction in the number of paper checks that are issued from Accounts Payable. We will be working with Accounts Payable to identify which vendors we can either change the method of payment or reduce/combine the payments to lessen the number of checks issued.