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Guest Network Logon IDs

The IT Support Center offers UCLA faculty and staff the option of providing guest network logon IDs for their sponsored guests. Guest logon IDs will provide access to UCLA's GACNET classrooms and wireless network through the UCLA Campus Public Network Portal.

Please remember that guest logons do not provide users with any other privileges, such as email, proxy server access, software downloads, VPN access, or personal webspace. Guests that require a logon for a longer period of time or access to specific campus services may be eligible for a UCLA Logon ID. More information can be found in the IT Support Center's knowledge base.

All guests must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Use as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy. Additionally, guests must take all necessary steps and precautions to avoid compromising the UCLA network. Sponsors are ultimately responsible for the actions of guests on UCLA's network and provide guest network logon on good faith that guests will not engage in any illegal or abusive actions while using the UCLA network.

Guest Logon ID Registration

UCLA faculty and staff may request temporary guest network logon IDs (i.e. for campus events, conferences, etc.) for a period of up to 90 days by accessing the guest account application.

After logging in and submitting your request, your guest logon ID(s) will be generated and a PDF document containing activation information and instructions will be emailed to your official email address. Guest logon IDs must be activated by the guest prior to use. Please note that the IT Support Center will not reset passwords for guest logons. If a guest has forgotten their username or password you will need to generate another guest logon for them.