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How do I activate UCLA Multi-Factor Authentication on a landline?

The following step-by-step instructions detail how to activate UCLA Logon Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using the following device: landline.

  1. Using a web browser, visit
  2. Log into the application using your UCLA Logon ID and password.

    Log in with UCLA Logon ID and password
  3. At the "About MFA in UCLA Logon" window, click on the [CONTINUE] button.

        About MFA Continue
  4. At the "Link a Device:" window, select Landline.

    Select Landline
  5. At the "Link Landline" window, enter a memorable label for your phone, your landline phone number, and an extension if applicable.
    Click the [ACTIVATE WITH PHONE CALL] button.

    Activate with Phone Call
  6. You will receive a phone call on your landline phone from Duo.  Enter the six-digit code you received into the box, then click the [CONTINUE] button.

    Enter Landline Code
  7. The Landline you just added should now be listed under Linked Devices:.