As part of the UCPath project, UCLA will transition to a new HR and Payroll product, PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM). The transition from the Personnel/Payroll System (PPS) to HCM is a sweeping one, introducing new and changed business processes at UCLA and the entire UC system. This site will be your one-stop location for information on the changes to PP QDB and the UCLA Data Warehouse/Cognos during the UCPath project.

The impact of these changes to PP QDB and the UCLA Data Warehouse/Cognos is significant. The current UCLA Data Warehouse architecture will evolve accordingly for the UCPath project. Read more below about what is changing and how we can help.

The HCM data will be provided to UCLA by UCPath in a standardized form. UCLA will adopt the UC Data Dissemination Operational Data Store (DDODS) as the UCLA ODS.  For the UCLA Data Warehouse, this will require a new data model, new naming conventions, integration of new HCM data and historical PPS data.

The key aspects of the transition to UCPath for data users are:

  • At go-live, the UCLA ODS will replace the PP QDB for current data.The “definition” of current data will be determined by the UCPath Initiative.
  • Daily downloads of current data must be retrofitted using the new UCLA ODS data model.
  • Upon go-live, there will be a PP QDB data freeze. It will only be available for data prior to UCPath Go-Live.This does not affect any other portion of QDB.
  • A retention strategy for the PP QDB data will be established with our functional stakeholders.
  • The UCLA Data Warehouse/Cognos will be the only place to obtain PPS and HCM data within a fully integrated data model.
  • Applications using PP QDB data will need to be retrofitted using the new UCLA ODS model and/or Cognos depending on the requirements.
  • All PP QDB ad hoc users must transition to the UCLA Data Warehouse/Cognos.

The Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) Team is committed to provide additional support for users who will be transitioning to Cognos. The current Cognos workshop schedule is available at the QDB website. We will also publish the schedule for our new Personnel/Payroll Cognos workshop on the Enterprise Data Warehouse homepage when it is available.

The UCPath project is still in the design and development phase, and we expect ongoing changes and updates. New and updated information will be released as it becomes available.  Please check this site regularly.

For questions on the UCLA ODS data model and transition assistance to Cognos, please contact [email protected] for more information.