Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ

Who gets free access to Adobe CC?

  • Eventually, all faculty and staff (including student staff) except those in the Health Sciences, and all students except Extension and Summer Sessions students. Note that students in Concurrent Enrollment through Extension to UCLA courses also have access.
  • Timing of WHEN you can access varies; see “When can I get access?”, below.

When can I get access? 

Access will be granted on a rolling basis through the first few weeks of fall quarter.  Priority access will be given to faculty and students with course specific need for the license, existing VIP Creative Cloud licensees with expired or expiring licenses, and new staff and faculty that do not have an existing Creative Cloud license.  Students needing priority access should expect communication from faculty when the license is required and available.  School specific and campus wide communications will be forthcoming as additional users are added to the Adobe console. 

I need Adobe CC for my course. Can I request priority access?

  • If you are a student, please reach out to your instructor for confirmation that the software is required.  Your instructor can provide the necessary download information if the software is required. 
  • If you are an instructor or TA, please reach out to your local IT department or the IT Support Center to request access for yourself and for students in your courses.

What account should I use to log in with?

Access to Creative Cloud is authenticated using your UCLA Logon.  Please follow the download instructions provided and enter your UCLA Logon when requested.

How do I log in?

Follow the download instructions provided by your instructor, or the instructions on the IT Services (ITS) Adobe Creative Cloud web page.

My login isn’t working; what should I do?

Please contact the IT Support Center for assistance. 

What do I do with my previous account that I used to access Adobe CC?

These licenses fall under the previous (“VIP”) agreement, not the new ETLA agreement.  Until you are notified that your account has been transitioned to the new ETLA campus-wide license, continue to access your existing license as you have in the past.  Once you are migrated to the Adobe Creative Cloud ETLA license, you will no longer use your VIP logon.  Note, if you are currently using Document Cloud to store or share licenses, please notify Software Central and ITS before migrating your account to ensure information is migrated correctly.  If you have a personal Adobe CC license, Adobe allows you to maintain a separate Adobe ID as well as the UCLA Enterprise ID.  This will only be relevant if your personal licenses uses your ucla.edu email address.

I have been administering my unit’s Adobe VIP console. What do I need to do?

Your unit’s licenses will be migrated to the ETLA licenses per the implementation schedule.  Please forward your contact information to Matt Hedges ([email protected]) and Mark Bower ([email protected]) and await further instruction.

I have been using Adobe Document Cloud. Does it automatically switch over?

Your information in Adobe Document Cloud will not automatically migrate.  Please notify Matt Hedges ([email protected]) and Mark Bower ([email protected]) that you have information on your VIP Adobe Creative Cloud account, and they will assist with merging/migrating your data.  

I provide local IT support. How should issues be escalated to IT Support Center and Software Central??

  • If your user runs into trouble at the authentication step, their UCLA Logon ID may not yet be in the Adobe Console.  Please reach out to the IT Support Center who will be able to coordinate adding the user to the Adobe Console.
  • If your user is using Document Cloud, please contact Matt Hedges ([email protected]) and Mark Bower ([email protected]) to assist with merging accounts.  

Will there be training on the products for the larger number of new users?

Campus is working with Adobe to provide training opportunities. 

I am in the Health Sciences; what Adobe products do I have access to?

  • Students in Nursing, Medicine and Dentistry have access to Adobe CC through the new campus ETLA license.
  • Academic and non-academic employees in Health Sciences do not have access to the new campus ETLA Adobe CC license.  These employees should reach out to their administrative teams to purchase a license.

Can I install Adobe CC products on multiple devices?

The Adobe CC license only allows you to run software on a single device.  You will need to sign out from one device before you can run it on a different device. 

I’m in a department or unit with licenses that I need to renew soon – what do I do?

Software Central has a file of all expired or soon-to-expire licenses.  The VIP consoles for these units will be prioritized for migration.  Your VIP console administrator should expect communication from Software Central in the coming days for further instruction.

I have a lab and/or shared computer.  How does this new agreement support those environments?

Adobe Shared Device Licenses (SDL) support this.  We’ll be determining how to implement and support these configurations.  If you have an immediate need due to expiring VIP licenses, please email Matt Hedges or Mark Bower.

I already paid for Adobe on my own; can I get a refund?

The licenses purchased by your department prior to the ETLA agreement will not be refunded, but will be applied against your unit’s contribution to the first year of the campus-wide license.  The campus-wide ETLA agreement is department and student funded.  Academic Planning and Budget approved a funding model using each unit’s current Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud spend rate as their contribution to the campus-wide license.  APB will coordinate an annual transfer of funds equivalent to historic Acrobat spend rates for each unit.  Further communication will be provided by APB in the next 4-6 weeks with unit level allocations for future years.