Last Published: May 16, 2013


Your UCLA Logon ID and password are used to confirm your identity across most computing resources at the university. They are required when accessing your BOL email, Google Apps for UCLA, computer labs across the campus, access to the public wireless network, numerous online applications (e.g. MyUCLA, URSA, PAN, Travel Express, etc.), and various other systems.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff, Prospective Students, Alumni, Retirees, Visiting Scholars, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), campus departments and organizations, UC Merced, UCOP, UC San Francisco, and UCLA guests.

Key Features

Many UCLA online services uses your UCLA Logon ID to confirm your identity and authenticate access to those services.  A UCLA Logon ID also provides eligible users with access to BOL services such as an e-mail account, Google Apps for UCLA, wired and wireless network access, personal web hosting service, etc. 

Getting Started

To create a UCLA Logon ID, please visit: https://logon.ucla.edu/. You will need:

  • Your  first and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your 9-digit University ID number (for undergraduate students, it will be your 9-digit applicant/student ID number; for faculty and staff, it will be your 9-digit employee number, which can be found on your pay-stub) NoteAccounts created without a UCLA ID number can be used to authenticate to many UCLA applications, but are not generally eligible to receive campus services.

For additional information, please visit Bruin Online Knowledgebase.